Cavaliers of Mars

Non-Player Character Generator

Number to Generate:

...Callis DeVance, a dead scribe from Muniqq with uncanny insight into the immediate future (+Descriptor Trait), who wants good drink, good friends, a quiet life (-Resolve), but they have never known love.

...Aubergine Delirachio, a morose tinker from Dangling Raster with a tendency to be hypnotized by music (-Resolve), who wants to find a worthy opponent (+Resolve, Gain “Artist With the Blade” Trait at d8), but they are not who they seem to be.

...Red Valentine, a educated pirate from Qinon Palace in Cimmeria with modesty about impressive skill (-Resolve, +Vocation, who wants a good death, a proud death, but the stars were cast against them at birth.

...Orange Wei, a doomed pirate from Cimmeria with a bone-deep ache for revenge (+Resolve, -Descriptor Trait, +From Trait), who wants their freedom from indenture to a hateful master (+Resolve), but they escaped a quarantine, and might be carrying plague.

...Ochekka Knows Secrets, a drunk dream seller from Southern Black Rubble with a necklace of ears (+Resolve, -From Trait), who wants to save their lover’s spirit from the cold hell between the stars (+Resolve, gain “Necroastrology” Trait at d8), but they escaped a quarantine, and might be carrying plague.

...Gorgeous Quillion, a driven thug from Dangling Raster with a cursed aura (+Resolve, -Home Trait, -Background Trait, +Vocation Trait), who wants to enact secret revenge on the heroes, but their enemies conspire to destroy them, and any close to them.

...Amilia Brevarusso, a fastidious merchant from the heart of Anger with uncanny pheromones (+Resolve, Gain “Intensely Persuasive” at d8 when dealing with own people), who wants to find their lost family (+From Trait), but they are haunted by demon-ghosts.

...Umber DeSerafin, a addict astrologer from Skarras with a nostalgic character (+From Trait), who wants to feast upon the meat of all the peoples of Mars (Gain “Secret Cannibal” Trait at d8), but they will do anything to keep their secrets safe.

...Siena Knows Secrets, a unhinged dream seller from Foresight with a surprisingly high bounty (+Resolve, +Vocation Trait, -From Trait), who wants an exotic drug (+Resolve, until obtained, then -Resolve), but the Beast of Phobos stalks them for the marrow in their bones.

...Santo Wei, a lying inquisitor from the Cloister of the Blind Saint in Chiaro with more passion than sense (+Resolve, +Descriptor Trait, -Vocation Trait), who wants to write the definitive guide to their particular interest (+Vocation Trait), but they only continue out of inertia.

Cavaliers of Mars is a roleplaying game created by Rose Bailey, coming soon from Onyx Path Publishing. Random character tables by Benjamin Baugh.